Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean air vents?

We only clean dryer vents and not air vents. In fact, did you know that the EPA has stated that cleaning air vents routinely is unnecessary?


How often should I clean my clothes dryer vent?

It is recommended that dryer vent are cleaned at least once per year. If you do a lot of laundry, or have a big family, that schedule could be increased to 3-4 times per year to ensure proper dryer function and keep your dryer safe from risk of fire.


How long does it take to clean a dryer vent?

For most homeowners, Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster can complete the job in approximately one hour.


What is the process for cleaning a dryer vent?

  • Safety inspection 

  • Pre cleaning airflow test

  • Clean transition vent

  • Thoroughly deep clean clean your dryer vent system on any floor or roof of your home

  • Removal of any birds nests or rodents

  • Deep clean inside your dryer’s lint trap

  • Deep clean inside your dryer (most models)

  • Clean behind and under dryer

  • Clean outside vent cover

  • Post cleaning airflow test


How much does it cost to have a dryer vent professionally cleaned?

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster has two dryer vent cleaning packages to accomodate any homeowner’s needs and budget. Our packages are priced at $99 and $149. Our transparent pricing sets us apart in the industry!


Will a dryer work if the vent is clogged?

Your dryer may continue to work if the vent is clogged, but the reduced ventilation will put a heavy strain on your machine, increase your clothes drying times and also put you at a much higher risk of your dryer catching fire. When your dryer has to work extra hard to battle a clog, this can shorten the life of your machine and cause the sensors to malfunction. If the sensor on your dryer goes out, it can cause your heating element to stay on, get too hot and ignite dryer lint build up causing a fire


Does dryer vent cleaning prevent fires?

Dryer lint is very flammable, and dryers and their heating elements are very hot. When dryer lint cleaning is neglected, it can cause a buildup of this flammable debris which can catch fire. Removing lint and debris prevents the chance that fire will even occur. Did you know that dryer lint is often taken on camping trips to be used as a very efficient fire starter?


What is dryer lint?

Lint is the word we use to describe visible collections of fibers that detach from fabric. Certain materials and fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen have very very short fibers bundled together which can come apart in the washer and dryer. These fibers are what clog up your dryer vents.


Will cleaning the lint from my dryer vent save me money in the long run?

When lint clogs your dryers vent, your machine is much less efficient at drying your clothing. This can cause you to have to run the dryer multiple cycles to get the dampness out of your laundry. If you are finding yourself using two drying cycles to dry your clothes, and you cut that down to one cycle once cleaning your vents, you can reduce your operational costs for an average family by $216-$288 over an 18-24 month time period. Calling the Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster is much less expensive than that!


Will my dryer work better with a clean vent?

There are many benefits to cleaning your dryer, and one of them is that it will make your dryer run much better! When your dryer is unclogged from lint build up, your clothing should dry in just one load or dryer cycle!


Can I clean my own dryer vent?

You can, and should clean your own dryer vents frequently. This will keep the buildups that you cannot reach on your own as small as possible. Do it yourself dryer cleaning kits are sold at most home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and Menards. Cleaning your dryer vent fully is easier said than done. Inexpensive dryer vent cleaning kits can be difficult to use, break easily and get stuck inside your vents. By the time you purchase proper equipment, you could have afforded to pay a pro. Furthermore, cleaning dryer vents is a dirty job. Save time and hassle by calling Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster.


What is the difference between a lint trap and a dryer vent?

The first line of defense against lint buildup in the dryer is the lint trap. This is commonly a removable screen where most of the lint from the dryer accumulates. It should be removed and cleaned after every dryer use.

Your dryer vent is the silver duct which travels out the back end of the dryer and travels outside of your home. Any lint that manages to escape your dryer’s lint trap will travel here. Even when you are diligent about cleaning your lint trap, lint will start to build up in the dryer vent, and it needs cleaned at least annually.


Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Plus If we don’t find lint, you don’t pay


Do birds really create nests in the dryer vents?

Birds love the warm air that the dryer produces. When birds build their nests in the spring, they find the cozy warmth and safety of your dryer vent an ideal place to raise their family. Unfortunately for you, this means a blocked dryer vent, and a risk that hot air building up can catch deposits of lint on fire.


Will my dryer vent flaps and ducts be cleaned?

Yes! We make sure that all internal and external vent, vent flaps, ducts, screens and covers are all cleaned to our high standards before we test airflow.

Have more questions? We are always here to help you!