Overheating Dryer Signs

Overheating Dryer? If your clothes dryer is getting too hot, pay attention!

One of the most used appliances in a family home is your clothes dryer.  A clothing dryer is used almost daily in most households without much thought.  However, when your clothes dryer starts to overheat your clothing there becomes a concern.  There are many reasons for this to happen and we would like to take a minute to explore some of those reasons.

Restriction of Airflow in Your Clothes Dryer Vent

Airflow is essential for our dryer to work properly.  This is why it is essential that you clear out the dryer vent after each use.  However, by using dryer sheets, some of these vents can become clogged with the remaining oils.  One thing that can be done is to wash your dryer lint filter with some soap and water after you use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the larger debris to ensure this might be the problem.  If it is not the problem, it certainly isn’t going to hurt anything to get your dryer vent clean.  You can also have a professional clean the dryer vent hose that extends the dryer to the outside for proper venting.  That vent hose, over time, can build up due to static electricity and having loads of lint going through the tube.

With a clogged airflow vent your dryer can overheat and start to melt some of your clothing, or even worse, cause a clothes dryer fire.

Clothes dryers overheating is the first sign to take action to prevent clothes dryer and house fires!

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Too Much Clothing in Your Dryer Load

Many of us are guilty of this.  If you have a large family or simply want to get the laundry done. However, stuffing too much clothing into the dryer can stop the proper airflow within the drum.  If you have checked your lint trap and there is still a problem, try putting in less clothing to see if this might make a difference.

Your Clothes Dryer Has A Faulty Heating Element

A faulty heating element is another possible reason for having a dryer that is overheating.  These elements can warp or shift and not have proper readings. They also can simply fault out for various reasons.  While this repair is a little more technical.  You will need a multimeter that is set to ohms.  When the dryer is fully powered off and the multimeter is calibrated. Then test to see if your heating element reads between 20-50 ohms.  If you do not get a proper reading then you probably do need to call a repair technician.

Your Dryer Has A Faulty Cycling Thermostat

Your dryer has a thermostat that shuts off the heat to the drum when it has hit a certain temperature.  A cycling thermostat is a small piece of metal that is found on the back of the dryer.  If this is faulty the dryer’s heat can continue to poor in and overheating can occurs.   

You should cover all the basics first before looking at the cycling thermostat as this is one of the least common issues.  However, it is certainly something worth mentioning.  Inspect your vents, blower wheels, and drum seals to ensure that everything looks to be in proper order.  Also, take a minute and go outside and look at the dryer’s exhaust screen.  There are times when that can build up and cause issues as well.  Those screens are filtering out humid lint that can stick and build up.  This build-up can cause a dryer to malfunction and also can cause house fires.  

Overheating can be caused by a few things.  Some simple investigation should help you determine what your particular cause is.  Most dryers are very simple appliances with only a few things that could cause overheating. Take the time to examine your dryer to determine what the cause of your overheating might be.  If you cannot figure it out, call on the professionals at Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster to help.