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Failure to properly clean and maintain the lint trap or lint screen and the vent to the outside is a typical cause of dryer fires, resulting in an accumulation of fuzzy clothing debris in the exhaust duct or the heating components and a subsequent fire.

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To do their job properly, clothes dryers demand enough airflow. Your dryer won’t be able to dry your clothes properly if it’s full of lint and dirt, which will also keep your house hot and damp. Drying wet clothes takes longer and costs more since it needs more cycles in the dryer.

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Your time and money are being wasted every time you have to clean out your vents because of dirt and debris. Your dryer will have a tougher time working if these issues continue to build up. As a result, it may overheat, resulting in longer drying periods, greater electricity costs, and the need to replace the dryer altogether.

Dryer vent cleaning monster

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster is keeping families safe from the risk of a dryer fire and house fire in the North Shore Chicago Illinois area. We provide friendly professional dryer vent cleaning, dryer airflow testing, and removal of lint and debris, keeping your dryer running safely and efficiently. 

Our dryer vent cleaning services will leave your clothes smelling fresher, drying faster and saving you money on energy bills!

Have questions? Send us a message or check out our FAQ on cleaning dryer vents!

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents House Fires

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The Urgent Need for Condo and Apartment dryer Vent Cleaning

There are an estimated 15,000 dryer vent fires in the United States each year. In most cases, individuals are unaware that their dryer vent exists until it explodes and puts their lives at danger.

Apartments and condos provide a larger danger because of the large number of persons engaged. Having a fire in a vent may be disastrous in such a building.

What causes dryer vents to get blocked in the first place and what can be done to fix it?

The Reasons Dry Vents Get Clogged

Not cleaning the lint trap

There will be an accumulation of lint if the lint trap isn’t cleaned after each usage. A blocked dryer vent is often caused by this.

Items falling into the lint trap

There are lint traps on many dryers that may be accessed from the top. Many Longmont residents have a bad habit of emptying their pockets over the tops of their washers and dryers while they’re not using them. Several of these objects wind up in the dryer’s lint trap, where they collect and eventually cause a serious blockage.


If you don’t maintain the dryer vent regularly, it will get blocked and pose a fire threat, regardless of how well you observe dryer vent etiquette. As a result, regular dryer vent cleaning is vital.

Lint Risk to Condos and Apartments

Many apartment and condominium owners and residents are unaware of the dangers they face. Tenants and condominium owners may share a dryer vent in older buildings. Several complications arise from this.

There is a significant amount of lint in the vent, which is not the case if the vent were devoted to a single unit. As a result, blockages may form fast. While it may take a year or more for one user’s vent to get blocked, if many units use the same vent, it may only take a few months.

One of the most common misconceptions about dryer vents is that if one or more tenants know that they share a vent and are aware of the hazards that they represent, they would assume that someone else is already taking care of the issue.

When it comes to things like these, many condo residents think that the condo board takes care of it (dryer vent cleaning). It’s not always the case that they do, though. When it comes to condominiums, there’s a lot of “money” involved. If the dryer vent is shared, one owner may refuse to paying for vent cleaning, saying they don’t use their dryer. Others may demand that all expenses be shared equally. Nothing gets done and then there’s a dryer vent fire.

A dryer vent shared by many tenants or condo owners presents a number of possible issues. Communication is the greatest method to resolve the issues generated by this prevalent practice. You may get to know your neighbors by talking to them. The condo association may be contacted. Learn about the company’s ventilation cleaning policy. You could ask the condo association to place the topic on the agenda for their next meeting.

The Apartment Laundry Room

Apartment tenants typically encounter a different type of challenge than those who own their own homes. The laundromat is in this room. The shared laundry room may be a great convenience, but the dryer vents from the laundry room offer a serious fire hazard to everyone in the building. Check with your landlord to see whether the dryer vent is cleaned periodically for your own safety. You’d think they’d do that. In the same way as there should be someone cleaning the air ducts in Westminster residential complexes on a regular basis.

Symptoms of a Clogged Dryer Vent

The following are some of the most common symptoms that something may be amiss in your dryer vent:

  •  The clothes take an unusually long time to dry. Sometimes not drying entirely.
  • When clothes emerge from the dryer they are unusually hot
  • The laundry room itself gets very hot while the clothes are drying.
  • You notice lint in various places around the laundry room.


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Our Monster Difference

Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster is located right here in Highland Park, Illinois. We are committed to providing friendly, professional, and high-quality services to protect our friends and neighbors. Our dryer vent cleaning technicians are well trained in Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster School and have ongoing education in best practices to keep your family safe and your dryer runningbest.

The Monster Guarantee

We pride ourselves on always being honest. If your vents do not need to be cleaned, we won’t charge you. Our pricing is transparent, and you will never encounter a bait and switch with Dryer Vent Cleaning Monster.

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